MAPA Chachapoya

Arqueología de Paisajes Mortuorios Andinos - Archaeology of Andean Mortuary Landscapes


The MAPA Chachapoya Project maps the relationships between past people, their environment, and mortuary landscapes. We use various archaeological techniques to investigate material culture, particularly the geospatial context and architecture of funerary structures (locally known as chullpa) in the northeastern Andes of Peru. We focus on a minimally invasive approach to study vulnerable sites, to prevent further destruction and also facilitate conservation for future generations.

Currently, MAPA Chachapoya is part of developing dissertation research, where we are using different methods such as walking (pedestrian) and aerial drone survey to map the mortuary landscapes of above-ground funerary structures like cliff mausolea, burial towers and anthropomorphic sarcophagi in the Chachapoya region.

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Our research philosophy is to conduct an archaeology that benefits local people, with the support of these communities. For this reason, MAPA is based on the collaboration with local people to share ideas and suggestions about the way we can learn more about the past, and promote the culture, heritage and history of the Chachapoya region. If you would like to contribute to the project, please contact us here:

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